Technology and craftsmanship: body & assembly

At Wagon Automotive, state-of-the-art body facilities are used to produce complex assemblies ranging from doors and closures to complete driver cabins. The assembly process is either manual, semi-automated or fully-automated according to specified requirements and feasibilty, and is controlled by highly-trained vehicle body constructors.

Manual production:
Manual production is carried out in dedicated universally-equipped work areas, ideally suited to special high-precision constructions and niche vehicles with a small batch volume or for prototype construction.

Semi-automated production: A combination of manual and robot-guided processes is also possible. For example, the underbody module for truck driver cabins may be welded on a robot station, whilst other cabin parts are assembled manually afterwards by specialists.

Automated production: Semi- or fully-automated production takes place in dedicated robot facilities. These are either single-use cells assigned to the assembly of one component, or are designed for variable use for different parts thanks to an efficient tooling concept. The robot stations master not only classic body-in-white technologies such as spot welding, bonding, clinching, riveting and folding but also innovative process technologies such as laser welding and soldering.

Quality assurance:
In order to guarantee stringent quality standards, checks such as in-line process control are performed already during the production stage, for example on spot welding (monitoring the welding current) or bonding (bond seam supervision).
Upon completion of an assembly group, spot checks are carried out at regular intervals for example on dimensional accuracy using measuring gauges or spot weld testing via ultrasound and weld seam images. In this way we ensure that the quality of our products remains consistently high at all times.

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